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Our Company

ZT Wealth is a full-service wealth management firm that provides specialized financial solutions and creates value for our clients through a broad range of financial vehicles, including traditional, alternative and private equity investments. Our success takes its root in our skilled management team and unique private equity opportunities, such as Altus Health, created in partnership with physician-investors to share in the risk and success of the partnership. Through strong client relationships, innovative strategies and personalized attention, ZT Wealth has experienced rapid growth and has been featured in the “Aggie 100” list for several consecutive years. With a location in New York and another in Dubai, ZT’s solid reputation for financial knowledge is spanning the globe.

History & Growth

ZT Wealth’s predecessor company, ZT Global Investments, was founded in 1997 by Taseer Badar. From their inception, the ZT companies have focused on providing successful solutions for asset management, business growth and development. By catering to middle market investors and institutions, ZT Wealth has successfully evolved into a full-service firm that helps clients and partners flourish in today’s dynamic financial industry. Our strategy is not only original, it’s successful—we invest in what we control. By managing our own investments, we ensure that you thrive with us, now and in the future.




ZT Wealth is committed to building our team with energetic and resourceful individuals who are interested in growth and wealth creation. We actively seek team members who desire challenging and rewarding positions with a high potential for advancement. If you are interested in a career with ZT Wealth, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our specific areas of expertise.

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