Meet Our Team

ALI TARIQ – Vice President of Finance & Operational Analysis | HOUSTON

While completing his Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science, Ali Tariq began his career at Arthur Lawrence as a financial analyst. He also interned at The Royal Bank of Scotland and pursued private initiatives before joining ZT Wealth in 2012. Under the friendship, mentorship and guidance of CEO Taseer Badar, Ali chose ZT Wealth because he has long been inspired by the firm’s opportunities for growth.

Originally from Karachi, Pakistan, Ali is a passionate football (or as it’s known stateside—soccer) fan and player.  Football is a sport of teamwork, strategy and quick thinking.  Ali translates these skills from the football field to the financial field, which manifest in his talents for analysis and problem solving.  Ali excels in vetting potential business opportunities and planning effectively to ensure efficiency and success. Due to his proactive approach, he is skilled in achieving positive results for the firm and its partners. For Ali, the most exciting aspect of his position is seeing the real world impact of ZT Wealth’s endeavors, which are realized in state-of-the-art facilities and in the firm’s fruitful relationships with clients. He is proud to be a part of ZT Wealth, a company that aspires and inspires with unparalleled excellence in client relations.

FINRA licenses: Series 7