Meet Our Team

Azhar Hirani – Vice President of Private Equity | Houston

AzharOriginally from Hyderabad, India, Azhar Hirani came to the U.S. at the age of 10. Azhar holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management with a minor concentration in Marketing, as well as a Certificate of Corporate Entrepreneurship. When Azhar first began working at ZT Wealth in 2007, the firm employed 60 people. Since then, he has been a part of its successful expansion to over 800 employees. He spent his first four years in a steady rotation with several ZT Wealth departments and acquired extensive knowledge of the company’s dynamics and partnerships. Since his first day at ZT Wealth, Azhar has sought to be a catalyst for ZT Wealth’s growth and has been integral to the firm’s success. Azhar is the first to credit his mentors and colleagues when reflecting on his achievements and will extend the professional generosity of mentorship to the next generation of colleagues who become part of the ZT family.

Azhar is an avid reader and his expansive knowledge on a wide range of topics informs how he approaches his work and how he communicates with clients. With a talent for critical analysis, Azhar brings solutions to the table for ZT Wealth’s organizations and partners. Azhar educates his clients about individual Altus Health projects with great acuity, so they are aware of every aspect of their investment. Clients who work with Azhar are assured that the firm’s interests are aligned with theirs and that they are engaged in a conversation and collaboration that is designed for mutual benefit.

FINRA licenses: Series 7