Meet Our Team

DAVID REDMAN – Sr. Vice President, Business Development | Houston

david redmanBefore David Redman was recruited by ZT Wealth’s senior management, he was deeply immersed in the healthcare field for many years as a manager, developer and consultant for a variety of health centers, including an Imaging Center, a Hospice Center and a Home Health Center. During his time at these centers, David assisted with medical development, medical management and healthcare administration, acquiring the knowledge and the expertise that he now brings to ZT Wealth. David is passionate about developing and maintaining partnerships in the healthcare field. He’s especially satisfied when an idea becomes an operating entity in only a few months, creating profitable assets for all parties involved. Because David is an attentive communicator and an excellent planner, he’s an essential member of the ZT Wealth team.

David manages Altus Hospice, one of the few hospice agencies in America with a national growth campaign specifically designed to include local physician participation. As a Texas hospice administrator, David maintains direct oversight of each new agency, ensuring optimal operation. Specifically, he handles market identification and approach, the development of marketing collateral, the coordination of new hospice entities, and state and federal regulatory and operational compliance. David comes from a family of healthcare practitioners and is especially apt at communicating with physicians and other practitioners to provide the highest possible quality of patient care. In addition, David earned his Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis in Healthcare Administration from Baylor University. Working for ZT Wealth brings David an incredible amount of personal and professional satisfaction. He’s a strong supporter of the Altus Foundation, a ZT Wealth charity organization that provides healthcare to the underprivileged. Originally from Dayton, TX, David is a loving father and husband who also enjoys volunteering at his church and lending his time to the youth group and homeless shelter there. His professional goal is to create jobs and satisfy the needs of his partners, colleagues and hospital patients.