Meet Our Team

Farrukh Tariq – President ZT/Altus Ancillaries

farrukh-tariq-image As the Senior Vice President – Pharmacy as well as the Head of the Investor Relations Department at ZT Wealth, Farrukh Tariq knows what it takes to strategically manage multiple roles. His previous experience in personal banking and loans, structured financing, and commercial lending has given him the insight he needs to excel in his current position.

He began his career with Citibank N.A. as a Management Associate. From there, Farrukh joined his father’s construction and development business as the Operations and Finance Manager. In this role, he was able to put his ability to multitask to good use. In addition to conducting regular analysis of financial data to forecast revenue, identifying future trends, and assessing risk associated with real estate investments, Farrukh also oversaw operations at sites to ensure no delays in projects.

Taking a more active role in management and participation in multiple facets of business development led Farrukh to start his own metal recycling manufacturing facility. He served as Senior Business Manager, handling all financial and management accounting as well as day to day operational tasks such as aluminum procurement and alloy production.

Farrukh brings fresh perspective to ZT Wealth. His entrepreneurial spirit and experience in various industries allows him to see old issues in a new light. He possesses the exposure to run new startups and develop new business models. Dealing with a mix of clients in various industries has given Farrukh the capability to manage client relationships in a unique way, becoming the voice of the organization to satisfy all client needs. A typical day for Farrukh at ZT Wealth includes working on new projects, managing the progress of potential investments, developing business plans, and managing the development of the Investor Relations division.

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Farrukh spent his formative years there until moving to London to begin his university education. He graduated with a BSc in Economics from University College London (UCL). He now lives in Houston, where he uses his free time to spend time with his family and play his favorite sport, cricket.