Meet Our Team


Kraig killoughAn expert in personal and corporate financial advisory and an alumnus of the University of Michigan, Kraig Killough began his financial career in 1993 and then progressed to Morgan Stanley, where he rose to the position of Senior Vice President and Compliance Officer prior to becoming a principal partner of ZT Global Investments. Under Kraig’s direction, ZT Wealth professionals analyze growth objectives and generate sustainable revenues for corporate and individual clients by considering the full scope of their financial situation. This all-inclusive, integrated approach is at the heart of ZT Wealth.  With this vision, Kraig structures sound and comprehensive strategies for asset protection, retirement planning and wealth management.

As Chief Operating Officer (COO) of ZT Wealth, Kraig oversees the entire company’s growth and performance. His strategic project planning and team-building continue to ensure success for ZT Wealth and for client-investors around the world. Additionally, Kraig approaches asset allocation and business expansion with a blend of traditional, time-tested strategies and innovative ideas. Among ZT Wealth clientele, he is well known for his ability to pinpoint the best practices and find the right people to manage the growth of a company or medical practice. As the COO of both ZT Wealth and Altus Health, Kraig sets the standard for a patient-focused approach to healthcare and the empowerment of physician-investors. Kraig designed and developed the corporate structure and operations at Altus Health. His efforts made possible Altus’ rapid growth from three employees in 2004 to more than 800 today. Kraig serves on the Board of Directors for the Chester Pitts Charitable Foundation, which assists youth by providing arts and cultural programs, and is also a Client Advisory Board Member for Trinet HR Services.

FINRA Licenses: Series 7, 8, 63, 65