Meet Our Team

MOHSIN MALIK – VP Corporate Relations

Mohsin MalikMohsin Malik has been an integral part of the ZT Wealth team since November of 2011, when CEO Taseer Badar personally brought him on as the Marketing Performance Manager for Altus Health. With a background in information technology and project management, Mohsin impressively serves as both Assistant Vice President and Strategic Assistant to the Marketing Director and CEO. Fellow team members and clients alike appreciate the honesty, strategic ingenuity and diligent problem-solving with which he approaches each and every project. Passionate about creating long-lasting relationships with Altus Health physicians, Mohsin truly goes the extra mile to efficiently complete projects and surpass client goals. Before joining the Altus Health management team, Mohsin spent over four years in various leadership roles for Claranet Ltd., one of the leading internet service providers in the United Kingdom and a supplier of broadband services to homes and businesses internationally. Mohsin quickly rose to professional acclaim with Claranet, earning their “Going the Extra Mile” award in 2010 for his accomplishments as Senior Purchasing Analyst, which included single-handedly adding £200,000 to the company’s bottom-line between June 2008 and June 2009. Many of the skills Mohsin acquired with Claranet, including the management of purchasing, lead inventory, supplier relationships and license procurement, are indispensable to his role with Altus Health.

An accredited professional, Mohsin holds a Bachelor of Science (with Honors) in Information Systems Engineering from the University of Westminster, where a portion of his coursework and training focused on persuasive negotiation and effective vendor relationships. Soon after graduating, he was offered a prestigious internship with Altus Health and a subsequent opportunity to join the management team. In the office, Mohsin can hardly contain his excitement over new Altus projects, facilities and future plans. This enthusiasm is welcomed by clients, who appreciate his candor, friendly personality and willingness to find the perfect solution, no matter the challenge. Mohsin was born and raised in London and is a true sports fan who enjoys watching American football and soccer on Sundays. A decorated cricketer, Mohsin volunteers to teach other young sports enthusiasts cricket and soccer.