Meet Our Team

ThuyLan Chang – VP Business Manager to CEO

Thuylan ChangThuyLan Chang attended the University of St. Thomas and moved on to begin her career at ZT Wealth in the marketing department. She eventually transferred and began working more closely under founder and CEO, Taseer Badar.

Today, Chang is Vice President & Business Manager to the CEO within ZT Wealth where she has the knowledge and skill as a leader to take on several important challenges. Chang oversees many of ZT Wealth’s day-to-day operations to ensure maximum productivity and is present to be able to offer feedback and counsel to employees to help them improve. She develops goals and objectives that tend to growth and prosperity within the company, and ensures that the company has the resources to complete each task at hand. Outside of the office, Chang assists in maintaining relationships with partners, vendors, and suppliers.

Chang is a valued member of the ZT Wealth team and she is available to provide guidance, and enhance performance within the workplace that accurately reflects the company’s vision and culture. In her spare time, Chang has two children she greatly enjoys spending time with.